Strategic Shopping 101

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Shopping effectively, otherwise known in the frugal living sector as “Strategic Shopping”,  takes a little time, a little research and a lot of enthusiasm and determination!  Strategic Shopping according to Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson, isn’t about changing the way you eat its about the way you purchase the food that you already like and serve.


  1. Coupon Policy and Return Policy - It is extremely important to know the stores (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc) coupon policy and return policy, as well as the store savings program (register rewards, double coupons, etc).
  2. Best Price List - Know your prices!  It is important to know what is the best price for the food and personal hygiene items that you already love and use.  With strategic shopping experience, you will learn when a deal is really a deal and when the best time is to stock up.
  3. Coupons - Coupons are like money!  You use coupons to buy items at a discounted price (or FREE) and you use them just like currency.  So, just like you would handle real currency, handle coupons with care and be careful not to lose them or let them expire.  Also, coupon organization is essential!
  4. Coupon Resources – Coupon Forums, Coupon Database, Sunday Coupon Preview and Yearly Coupon Schedule

1.  Coupon Policies/Return Policies/Store Reward Program(s):


  1. Walgreens Coupon Policy
  2. Walgreens Return Policy
  3. Walgreens Rewards Program (Register Rewards)
  1. CVS Coupon Policy
  2. CVS Return Policy
  3. CVS Rewards Program (ECB – ExtraCare Bucks)

Rite Aid:

  1. Rite Aid Coupon Policy
  2. Rite Aid Return Policy – Online Store
  3. Rite Aid Beauty Guarantee
  4. Rite Aid Single Check Rebate Program
  5. Rite Aid Wellness Program
  6. Rite Aid +Up Rewards


The best price list has the most common grocery items and personal hygiene items listed with the “best” price that I have seen.  I try not to purchase anything that is over the price listed.  And when the prices are at their lowest, I stock up!!  Remember, sale cycles usually run every 6 – 8 weeks.  The best price list is in PDF form and can be downloaded.

3.  Coupons:

There are many legitimate sources for printable coupons, digital coupons and coupon clipping services.  Here are my top recommended sources:
  1. (printable)
  2. SmartSource (printable)
  3. Redplum (printable)
  4. Target Store Coupons(printable)
  5. CVS Printable Coupons (printable)
  6. Walgreens Printable Coupons (printable)
  7. Rite Aid Video Value Coupons (printable)
  8. SavingStar (Digital)
  9. CellFire (Digital)
  10. Kroger (Digital)
  11. Coupon Dede’s (Coupon Clipping Service)
  12. Manufacturer’s Coupons (Coupon Clipping Service)
  13. The Coupon Outlet (Coupon Clipping Service)
  14. The Coupon Clippers (Coupon Clipping Service)

4. Coupon Resources:

  1. We Use Coupons - Coupon Forum for finding out the latest deals, upcoming deals, rebates, etc. A great place to ask questions about couponing & blogging and to socialize with other members.
  2. A Full Cup - Coupon Forum for finding out the latest deals, upcoming deals, rebates, etc. A great place to ask questions about couponing & blogging and to socialize with other members.
  3. Coupon Database – Find the coupons you are looking for.
  4. Sunday Coupon Preview – Find out what coupons will be in Sunday’s newspaper.
  5. Yearly Coupon Schedule- Find out what coupon inserts will be in each Sunday’s newspaper.

To learn how to use coupons effectively, you need to know the answers to four basic questions – What? Why? Where? and How?.  You can learn the tricks of the trade by reading Couponing 101.

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