Aatay nahi loat k beetay howe zamanay. Kitab-e-dil pe likhay thay kitnay he afsanay kuch qisse naye thay aur kuch berson puranay Kuch un ka zikr jo kabhi rug-e-jaan se they qareeb kuch wo jo aaj bhi lagtay hain begaanay Kaash aisi koi rut koi moosam aaye khushiyon bhare geet hum lagein gungunanay Aaj bhi.
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The day was warm so I wore only brief nylon running shorts and cross-training shoes. I decided to pick a trail which led into the center of the forest, then. I would turn around when I reached the fence at the northern border of his land.

Dutch:bijstands moeder Kimberly (welfare mother)
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