It is very rare to see an A-bra in a harem, since most tamers would rather skip the pain of trying to raise a sleepy A-bra when they could have the powerhouse that is a Ka-D-bra instead, or some other psychic type that doesn t require so much slumber every day.
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Role: Early warning system, libido: Average, strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Leer, Double Team, Razor Wind, Crunch, Dark Blade, Future Sight Enhancements: Foresight, Enhanced Speed (x3) Evolves: None Evolves From: None Never before, has there ever been a Pokйgirl that has been as misunderstood as the Abslut.

CastingCouch-X - Petite teen Stella gets her audition in the porno industry
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